Scout Troop

The scout troop is the eldest section in the group, for children of 10½ to 14 and (as of December 2012) has around 25 members in four patrols: Ravens, Eagles, Kestrels and Owls.

We try to give our members opportunities that they might otherwise not get a chance to do.

These include:

There are also opportunities to join with other scouts in the district in a variety of fun and competitive events, including international ventures.

In the district of Brighton, there is a long-standing link with a district in Holland, where exchange visits are arrange every few years, under the name "Dutch Dolphin Quest" (or DDQ for short). In 2009-2010, two members of the troop were involved in these exchanges at home and abroad, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Cub Packs (Seeonee & Mowgli)

We have two very active packs and like to keep the numbers (in each) to 24 cubs aged between 8 to 10½. Cubs is open to boys and girls and we all enjoy the same varied activities. We work towards challenge badges, as well as many activity badges. We enjoy camping both under canvas and in indoor accommodation. Our badges are varied, allowing every cub to be able to achieve at different levels. These can all be found on scoutbase along with all the criteria needed.

We also join in activities and outings with Brighton District and East Sussex cubs, which give the children the chance to try many things that are not available in our scout hut, e.g. climbing walls, abseiling, pot holing, themed camps, tracking, fire lighting to name a few. And also meet other cubs from around the County.

From all this, we hope that our cubs will aim to achieve the Chief Scouts Silver Award, which is the highest award that they can work for in the cub section.

Beaver Colony

The Beaver Scout Colony is for the youngest members of the Scout Movement and invests children between 6-8 years old.

During their time in Beaver Scouts the children work towards gaining six Challenge badges, the Chief Scout Bronze Awards and various activity badges.

The Challenge badges are: Outdoor, Promise, Friendship, Global, Fitness & Creativity

To achieve these badges the Beaver Scouts take part in a very varied programme which can include visits from outside speakers (including parents) and visits to places such as the beach, Ditchling Common, the Newhaven Lifeboat, Fire station, the Police Ambulance helicopter and local community facilities.

We try to spend as much time outside as the weather permits.

We also are involved with District and County Beaver Scout events, allowing the Beaver Scouts to mix with other groups.

Through work on the Challenge badges the Beaver Scouts are encouraged to experience new activities, learn about themselves and respect other people and develop a sense of pride in their environment and to share co-operatively.

We aim for the Beaver Scouts to move up to the Cub Scout sections with an understanding of scouting, ready to participate in broader learning. This is all achieved by Beaver Scout interaction and through having fun.