Help Wanted!

Can you spare some time to help the group? Even if its once a month or less, we would be grateful!

Our sections are always looking for new helpers and if you feel up to the challenge, leaders.

If you are concerned about the time commitment, please consider the following:

Helpers generally have no other real commitment than helping on a section night. You would not be required to attend leaders meetings (but would be invited) and it would be good to see you on the occasional weekend activity.

Leaders: It really depends how much time you have to spare. For example, training some of the younger scouts in preparation for a competition hike would involve ½ to 1 day during the six weekends leading up to the event. If we expect the scouts to provide a high degree of commitment, the leaders must be just as prepared to 'lead from the front,' giving equally high commitment ourselves.

Don't believe the commitment is 'only two hours a week'...


Up to the challenge?

Let us know through the Contact page - we look forwards to hearing from you!